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T H E   M A G I C   B A G ®   0 - 1  m
I D E A L   F R O M   B I R T H

Birth is a wonderful and unique moment!
You finally discover this little being that you have carried for nine months. A magical and overwhelming encounter.
He becomes the centre of your concerns, his needs and comfort come first.

For his first moments, Bemini has specially created the Magic Bag® 0-1 m.
Practical and specifically adapted to his size, the sleeping bag allows baby to gradually acclimatise to his new environment.

A real little cocoon that provides softness and fullness in complete safety.

Sensitive to temperature variations, baby does not yet have a mature thermal regulation system to maintain a constant temperature.

The Magic bag® is the ideal way to ensure this thermal comfort.

Recommended by paediatricians, this little nest provides a source of warmth and comfort that helps regulate baby's temperature during sleep.

But be careful!

Sleeping bags must comply with the European standard EN 16781, the aim of which is to reduce as far as possible the main possible risks in an unsupervised sleeping environment.

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Tested and inspected, all Magic Bag® products meet the safety requirements imposed by the standard.
Discover the European Standard >

T H E   F U N C T I O N A L I T I E S

At 50 cm, the Magic bag birth is ideal for a baby between 45 and 55 cm.
Its measurement table and functions are specifically adapted to the morphology of a newborn.


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The mittens in the sleeves keep baby's little hands warm.
And prevents him from scratching his face.

The double slider on the zip allows the Magic Bag to be opened and closed from the left or right.
Super practical to be able to change baby easily and quickly without disturbing him even when he is sleeping.

H O W   T O   D R E S S   A   N E W B O R N  ?

From birth, the comfort and well-being provided by the sleeping bag is the best alternative to skin-to-skin care to stabilise baby's body temperature and keep him safe during sleep.

Imagine baby in your belly: he has been comfortably warm for 9 months in a reassuring environment.
When he comes into the world, he loses the warmth and comfort of the amniotic fluid and experiences a drop in ambient temperature.
In addition, the baby is unable to regulate its temperature and therefore cannot retain the body heat that is so necessary for its emotional and physical development.

A room temperature of around 18 to 21°C is ideal and recommended, but with 4 different seasons dressing your baby can quickly become a headache!

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which tog to choose  ?  

The TOG index will help you to choose the ideal material and model of sleeping bag.

The TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is the material's thermal resistance index, which is determined according to the room temperature. The higher the Tog, the warmer the sleeping bag.
Please note! The TOG may not be higher than 4.

This is a very good indicator, but the way you dress your baby underneath and the insulating layers on the mattress will influence the warmth.
However, these elements will allow you to modulate and adjust his comfort.

And because babies don't move, they get cold more easily. It is better to put an extra layer of clothing on them.

To get an accurate idea, feel the back of their neck from time to time.
Warm and dry? all is well
Rather damp and clammy? baby is too hot.
Cold little hands? baby is cold.
Of course, a cold baby will have different needs from a baby who sweats quickly.

Our advice

As parents, you have a super power! Your own common sense.
The multitude of information and recommendations, as benevolent as they may be, should not override your instincts and feelings as parents.

Get to know your baby. 
Trust yourself.

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which Magic bag to choose  ?

Discover the qualities of our 3 models specifically developed and manufactured to ensure a range of Tog values suitable for all seasons.

TOG 0.5 and 1: Sleeveless, unlined and wadded model in thin and light qualities. Cool and comfortable materials for summer and warmer temperatures.

The TOG 1.5 is the sleeveless model for newborns, lightly lined and padded. A little cocoon that can be used almost all year round.

TOG 1.5 to 3: Model with sleeves and integrated muffles in warm and soft wadded fabrics.


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To provide on-trend essential articles that satisfy both baby's need and yout requierements.
Nothing superfluous. No unnecessary gadgets.

Our Oeko-Tex guarantee

All our products are certified as compliant with the strictest European standards, guaranteeing freedom from substances that are toxic for humans and harmful to the environment.

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Our packaging

We are eliminating as much plastic over-packaging as possible by using ecological and recyclable paper bags.

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Our commitment

Conscious of our social responsibility, production in a nearby partner factory guarantees equity and transparency, offering employees decent wages and working conditions that respect the safety and dignity of workers.


For more than 20 years, Bemini has been offering a quality range of trendy essentials that meet baby's needs and parents' requirements.
Our unique savoir-faire is backed by tight control of all stages of design, manufacture and distribution.

It is a privilege to share this uniquely happy experience with you. 



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