Because the well-being of your baby is our priority, Bemini® designs , develops and manufactures essential and functional items .

Particular attention is paid to technical quality and their checks.

In order to reconcile creativity and quality, each product is rigorously tested to meet the highest standards

(Oeko-tex, Afnor, Bsi, …)


The MAGICBAG® is a clever and original revisited version of a traditional sleeping bag or a sleep sack. Studied and developed to ensure baby’s maximum comfort and freedom of movement, it is well-known for its many characteristics.


  • The dual zip allows an opening in 2 sides to facilitate the diaper change.
  • Back and front opening ensuring the correct passing of seat belts.
  • Incorporated mittens.
  • Full opening to facilitate the diaper change.
  • Fully zipped. 
  • Zip4Switch: zipped detachable legs.
  • Opening via side-zip.
  • Detachable sleeves.
  • Happy Feet: opening for the feet with paw on inside foot flap allowing the baby to make its first steps or to keep its tiny feet nice and warm.
  • Zip4Switch: zipped detachable legs.
  • Detachable sleeves.
  • Happy Feet: opening for the feet with paw on inside foot flap allowing the baby to make its first steps or to keep its tiny feet nice and warm.
  • Adjustable elasticated waist.
  • Zip4Switch: zipped detachable legs.
  • Detachable sleeves.
  • Happy Feet: opening for the feet with paw on inside foot flap allowing the baby to make its first steps or to keep its tiny feet nice and warm.
  • Adjustable elasticated waist.
  • Progressive and adjustable in length thanks to push-buttons on the side.



Sensitive to temperature variations, baby doesn’t yet have an adult regulation system in order to maintain constant temperature.

Concerned to address this issue the most adequately, MAGICBAG® comes in a variety of materials specifically designed and developed to ensure baby’s wellbeing and thermal comfort.

All the qualities meet the Oeko -Tex criteria.


• Muslin in light and airy fiber 100% cotton that that regulates air and neutralizes moisture.
• Muslin in light and airy fiber 100% cotton entirely lined with combed cotton jersey.
• Terry specifically manufactured double-sided to be soft, absorbent and breathable.
• Anti- bacterial fiber, hypoallergenic and naturally breathable, effective for all seasons.
• Provides thermal function thanks to its specific construction and cotton mixture, viscose micro-fiber.
• Micro-fiber ultra-soft and breathable adapts to cooler temperatures.
• Micro-fiber entirely lined with jersey 100% cotton, strengthens the delicate calm comforts of the baby. 
• Jersey 100% padded and lined with jersey created a real cozy nest.


Since 2010, this patented and universal Biside® cover gives the joy to the baby and its parents. Created, designed and conceived in every detail, it fits all car seats group 0 and 1 , strollers and cots, 3 or 5 points.


Thanks to its ingenious and patented zip system allowing the passing of seat belts, Biside® ensures all the safety and comfort of the baby.

Because it is essential and necessary to be able to adjust the seat belts closest to baby’s body and not over a coat or a jacket.

The push-buttons allow to adapt the ideal wrapping for the baby accordingly to its size.

Reflective strips strengthen good visibility in the evening or at night.


Available in different materials and colors according to the desires, baby’s strolls won’t be limited only to summer.

• For colder days, the micro-fiber SOFTY version combines the softness and warmth of a cozy nest. 

• Designed for the rain, cold and wind, YETTI is ideal. Water repellent, padded and ultra-soft, it keeps all its lightness. 

• For mid-season, the anti-bacterial, natural and breathable BAMBOO fiber regulates perfectly the warmth and softness. 

• The TERRY quality is perfect for spring of summer. Absorbent and soft, terry is a quality of summer wellbeing.

TTested and approved by Parole des Mamans, the Biside® YETTI was awarded in 2015 with prix des Mamans (textile category).

swaddle, all the ways.

Confortable : soft and naturally flexile, cotton muslin allows to recreate reassuring warmth for the baby.
Breathable : light fabric with airy fiber help to maintain ideal body temperature.
Sustainable: rresistant and delicate, it becomes softer and softer after each wash.
Extra large : lthe generous size 120x120cm facilitates various manipulations.
Multi-use : ccover for the stroller, changing table, breastfeeding, swaddling, …

Exclusive prints created by our team to satisfy all your desires. 

CAMPING BAG, all in one.


To fill the range of MAGICBAG® , Bemini® creates CAMPING BAG

This cocoon is very handy , whether you are at home, on the go, at the nursery, at Granny’s, ...

A true nomad sleeping nest that allows the baby to sleep peacefully as if he was in its own bed.

Interior 100% combed cotton gives a nice touch of comfort and exterior in micro-fiber that ensures the warmth.

Nice and warm, very soft, smooth and ready for the use, he will travel with the baby into the country of stars.

Thanks to its push-button system allowing to adjust the length, camping bag will stay useful for many years.


bib : waterproof.

 At Bemini® , there's something for everyone !

Bemini® bibs are designed with double thickness and laminated on the inside with a water repellent coating making them waterproof.

This technic was specially designed to ensure a superior level of protection.

Large choice of colors and materials exists in 2 sizes will satisfy all the needs.

Easy to wash, they maintain all their color brightness.

Bandana bibs protect baby’s clothes with style by giving him a cool trendy look !


bath cape : big size.


Very absorbent, the bath cape with generous dimensions – 90/90 cm -  allowing to wrap the baby straight out of the bath.

It exists in double-sided terry and in Bamboo, it provides all the necessary softness for baby’s delicate skin.

With a washcloth and a large hoodie, it is essential for baby’s comfort.

Equipped with a loop allowing it to hang nicely.

Last but not least,  all the qualities meet the Oeko-Tex criteria.


oeko-tex label.

At Bemini®, we do not mess with the quality and the safety !

All the products have been rigorously tested and meet the most demanding European standards such as Oeko-Tex.

This label is intended to ensure human-ecological quality of textile: free of chemical and toxic components for the health and well-being of a person, but also for the environment. 

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