Should I buy a baby playpen, and when?

The playpen allows your baby to play alone in a safe space. Equipped with a fluffy playmat, this is an excellent place for your child to grow. He will find his usual toys that he can throw joyfully overboard.

It is also a place where your child can take a nap. It can therefore be used since birth.

The playpen is also a place where baby can learn to straighten and move on all fours. For even more safety, it is advisable to use a soft and comfy playmat and a playpen bumper that will offer comfort and safety to baby and will dampen any shocks.

If you do not want to buy a playpen, you can also arrange an activity mat on the floor. Baby will enjoy it just as much ... But you will have to watch it more, especially when your baby will start to move.

From birth, it is important to position baby on the stomach for a few minutes a day to avoid the "flathead syndrome" but also improve his brain development and muscle his neck, trunk and shoulders. Do this on a fluffy, soft surface such as a a bemini playmat.

From the age of 3 months, baby's psychomotor skills evolve and it is important to stimulate them. For a gentle awakening, it is best to let your child play, touch, discover, ... by himself!

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