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The ideal size for a Magic Bag®,
the importance of features.


Bemini® offers 4 sizes of Magic Bag® with features to meet your baby's developing needs.
Our ingenious and practical sleeping bag combines comfort and safety with cosiness and style.

The sleeping bag should never be too big or too small, it should fit snugly so that baby can keep warm and still have plenty of room to move.

The Magic Bag® is baby's essential companion for peaceful and serene nights.

MAGICBAG BABY SIZE 18-36m 95-115cm.jpg

  1. Integrated mittens.
  2. Safety belt opening.
  3. Two-way zipper for easy complete opening on both sides - so useful for changing baby.
  1. Detachable sleeves.
  2. Modular zip system: allows leg separation.
  3. Foot openings can be folded closed.
  4. Zip opening down the entire side.
  1. Detachable sleeves.
  2. Elasticated adjustable size.
  3. Modular zip system: allows leg separation.
  4. Foot openings can be folded closed.

  1. Detachable sleeves.
  2. Elasticated adjustable size.
  3. Modular zip system: allows leg separation.
  4. Foot openings can be folded closed.
  5. Adjustable length.

The 0-3 months size provides a perfect cocoon for babies between 50 and 70 cm.

The 3-9 months size is suitable for babies between 60 and 80 cm.

For toddlers between 85 and 100 cm, choose the size for 9-24 months.

For bigger kids between 18 and 36 months, the size that extends from 95 to 115 cm is ideal. 


The indispensable sleeping bag.

The Magic Bag® keeps baby warm at night and when napping, leaving freedom to wriggle without the risk of being uncovered.

Recommended by paediatricians, this magical sleeping bag provides a source of warmth and comfort that helps regulate baby's temperature during the night and when napping. 

Ingenious and practical, it ensures baby's comfort and safety for sleeping and when travelling in a pushchair or car.

It also encourages freedom of movement, allowing baby the mobility to explore the surroundings.

From birth to 36 months (see more), the Magic Bag® is your baby's constant companion for a good night's sleep.




It is a privilege to share this uniquely happy experience with you.

For more than 20 years, Bemini® has been offering a quality range of trendy essentials that meet baby's needs and parents' requirements.
Our unique savoir-faire and quality is backed by tight control of all stages of design, manufacture and distribution.

Conscious of our environmental and social commitments, production takes place in a nearby partner factory that guarantees equity and transparency, offering employees decent wages and working conditions that respect the safety and dignity of workers.


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All our products are certified as compliant with the strictest European standards, guaranteeing freedom from substances that are toxic for humans and harmful to the environment.
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