How do I choose the best sleepingbag for my baby ?

It's not always easy to have a clear view facing the broad offer of baby sleeping bags!


What are the important criteria? Preferred materials? And the standards advocated.
Here are our tips to help you choose the ideal Magic Bag® for your little one.

1. Size: to prevent the baby from slipping into the sleeping bag, it must be neither too big nor too small, but perfectly to its size. The arms, length and neck opening well suited to its body.

2. The closure system: prefer a zipper from bottom to top, like the Magic Bag®, with the closure cursor at the legs. This prevents the child from opening his bag in the middle of the night.

3. Feeling of security and freedom of movement: It is proved that a swaddled baby sleeps more quietly. A soft, well-fitted sleeping bag gives it a similar effect: the child does not feel lost in bed, but feels safe while having room to move.

4. Material: choose a material suitable for the room temperature of your baby's room (between 18 ° and 20 ° c). The TOG index is there to guide you in your choice, the higher the TOG of the Magic Bag®, the more warm it is. Here is an explanatory table to help you see clearly.

5. Change your baby: a zipper by the legs, set on all our Magis Bags® allows easy access to change your baby without having to undress it completely.

6. Multifunctionality: all our sleeping bags are equipped with specific seat belt openings. They allow parents to carry baby from the bed to the maxi cosi or car seat without having to change the outfit or disturb baby while sleeping.

7. Sleep and Play: from 3 months, our Magic Bag can transform from a sleeping bag (legs joined) in a play suit (legs separated). Thanks to a system of zippers which allows to separate the legs to let your baby play and crawl when awake.

Our  Magic Bag®  top picks !